bePure - 100% Natural

Healthy eating is very important. This is not only true for us bipeds, but also for our four-legged companions.


bePure - 100% Natural

Fresh ingredients, a high meat content and as few preservatives and colourings as possible. As unadulterated, natural ingredients as possible. This is how the idea of the "bePure" brand came about.


The unique selling points of our brands

bePure - 100% Natural

We launched the first of these high-quality products in 2016. We now offer a wide range of wet food, snacks and chews for dogs and cats. The ingredients for new delicacies are selected with the same care as our partners and suppliers.

The health and welfare of your pet is of utmost importance to us.

Some examples from our diverse range:

A balanced diet is the basic building block for the health of our pets – we are convinced of that! The needs of our dogs and cats are diverse and their expectations are high. That is why we create very special premium products from high-quality ingredients and innovative ideas. Every one of our beloved pets has the right to healthy and species-appropriate nutrition and that is what bePure stands for.

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