Hand in paw with your best friend!

Freezack - to keep your four-legged friend on his toes.


Always on your toes with your four-legged friend

The idea arose from a diploma thesis during studies, good quality and fashionable trends combined with sporting activities. That gets the domestic pet market going. The birth of Freezack.


The unique selling points of our brands

Always on the ball


In 1999, in Switzerland, we started to look in detail at the coexistence of dogs and cats with humans.


Our designs and creations are developed either in Switzerland or in Germany.


We want everyone to have fun with our products. We therefore place a lot of emphasis on the small details. They are not always obvious at first glance, but are essential for optimal comfort and safety.


Stands in the foreground. All products are intensively tested. For toys, we have guidelines regarding harmful substances that at least meet the EU specifications.


We want to preserve our planet. We therefore try to produce, transport and deliver as ecologically as possible. We pay fair wages and do not tolerate child labour among our suppliers.

Innovation and technology:

Innovation is only possible by listening to those who care about paws. Freezack products put the animal at the centre to provide the best possible comfort.

Some examples from our diverse range:

Freezack products are sporty, super comfortable and also convince visually across the board. From dog harnesses to bowls and light-up items, Freezack has a wide range of products.

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