For healthy and happy animals

One thing unites us and our customers: a love of animals!


For healthy and happy animals

The idea behind IN-FLUENCE was born in 2017 from the desire for high-quality anti-parasite products, care products and nutritional supplements that cover the basic needs of dogs and cats. After many products on the market failed to deliver what they promised, we founded the IN-FLUENCE brand in 2018 and decided to take the development and production into our own hands. Behind IN-FLUENCE is a network of specialists, veterinarians and, of course, motivated pet owners. Above all, we and our customers are united by one thing: a love of animals! Our team collects product ideas and develops high-quality premium products for the IN-FLUENCE brand based on the latest scientific data.


The unique selling points of our brands

For healthy and happy animals

If we ask ourselves what we wish for our pets, we will probably all come to the same conclusion: happiness, love and a long, healthy life. This is exactly our motto. IN-FLUENCE wants to enable our four-legged family members to live a healthy, happy life. Based on selected and particularly well-tolerated ingredients, IN-FLUENCE has developed a line of products that offer your pet the best care in all areas. The health of our pets is our priority, which is why IN-FLUENCE aims to have a big impact to ensure our pets lead a happy life.

Some examples from our diverse range:

Dogs and cats have various different needs and high expectations. That’s why we come up with innovative ideas and high-quality ingredients to create special premium products that are perfectly suited to our four-legged friends. Whether parasite protection, dental care, skin and coat care, nutritional supplements or environmental hygiene, In-Fluence products offer a diverse range.

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